My bed is my office.

A day in the life of a network marketer!

06:00 I was awake. SIX!! For someone who use to sleep for over 12 hours this is amazing!

Why? Well apart from being in ALOT of pain with my arm, after my 4 hour tattoo session yesterday I thought I would make a nice little breakfast and check my back office! OH MY GOD! 141 now, yes i know, crazy right? I actually have 141 people in my team can you believe that?! Literally nearly burnt my toast gazing at my screen in shock! We are developing and growing so fast!!

This is how great it is to work from home, sitting in bed, TV, my bed room is my office, how perfect is that? Oh and yesterday I was still growing my team and earning even though i was having a tattoo! This is the future, this is what is going to make my future amazing and i for one cant wait!

Anyway, i was awake at 6! (Still cant get over that) so that gave me the whole day to focus my time on my business! Planning, and lots of it as well! Meeting and speaking to so many people, and for someone who suffers from GAD and has lots of panic attacks I am doing extremely well! I actually do LIVE videos on facebook and not actually freak out and faint! AMAZING! The training and support we get has changed me so much! #teamezuk are on fire!!


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